Els jugadors de whist (The Whist Players). Can one revisit the last thirty years without nostalgia or a feeling of revenge? Can a novel have its scenario in Figueres and use pop culture references? Els jugadors de whist proves all that possible. When she’s twenty years old, the daughter of the main character marries a “skin head” who drives a mini excavator. As the wedding progresses, the past arrives bringing a castle, a game, death, an Ampurdan view unlike those in postcards. The book begins like Father of the Bride and step by step transforms itself in a mix of Mystic River and American Beauty. "All characters are fictitious, but most dialogues are real."

You can read a few chapters here.

"One of the best novels of the last decade." Joan Daniel Bezsonoff, El Periódico
"It’s rare to find a novel with so many memorable scenes. Clear, funny and sparkling like a good shandy." Màrius Serra, La Vanguardia
"Masterly." Lluís Muntada, El País
"Admirable written. One of the most attractive newcomers of the season." Julià Guillamón, Culturas - La Vanguardia
"An excellent novel." Pere Antoni Pons, Avui
"A great post-modern fresco of today’s society." La Razón
"A cult author." El Mundo