This is the website of writer Vicenç Pagès Jordà (Figueres 14 december 1963), a catalan writer and literary critic. He's also a language and aesthetics lecturer in the Ramon Llull University.
Here you can read Who I am and Why I Write.

In 1989 he won the Barcelona's Biennal in the literature section, and the following year published his first book, the collection of stories Cercles d'infinites combinacions (Circles of infinite combinations). In 1991 he published the work Grandeses i misèries dels premis literaris (Greatness and misery of literary awards), with a thousand citations.

In 1995 appeared his most ambicious work, El món d'Horaci (Horaci's world), a novel that is halfway between fiction and creative essay. In 1997 he published his best-seller book, Carta a la reina d'Anglaterra (Letter to the England's Queen), that tells in a hundred pages thousand years of life of its main character. This book is followed by Un tramvia anomenat text (A streetcar named text), an essay about writing the text as it considers an inseparable mixture of inspiration and craft, genius and power, magic and discipline.

En companyia de l'altre (in each other's company) (award Documenta 1998) marks the return to the story genere. In this occasion, the collection is unitary, since all the stories revolve around the issue of dual. It was followed by the novel La felicitat no és completa (The happiness is not complete), award Sant Joan of narrative 2003, the intermittent biography of a character without convictions. In 2004, the collection El poeta i altres contes obtained the award Premi Mercè Rodoreda, and was published the following year. In 2006 appeared De Robinson Crusoe a Peter Pan. Un cànon de literatura juvenil. He won the award premi Creixells with the novel Els jugadors de Whist. In 2012 he pusblishes with the painter Joan Mateu Bagaria El llibre de l'any.

In 2013 he won premi Sant Jordi de novel·la for Dies de frontera, and in 2014 he was awarded the National Literature Prize of the Generalitat of Catalonia. His last books are La música i nosaltres [CAT] and Robinson [CAT].

At the moment, there are some texts available in english: An introduction [PDF], an interview [PDF] about his book De Robinson Crusoe a Peter Pan – a canon of children's literature –, the evocation Summers with William Brown, the essay On the periphery of wisdom and the short story The Sun at Her Back.

We’ve included information about the Letter to the Queen of England: an introduction, the first few pages, a selection of reviews that the book has received and an interview with the author. His lasts novels are Els jugadors de whist (The whist players), Dies de frontera (Frontier days) and (Robinson [CAT]). Here you can read some chapters [PDF]. Here you can read a interview by Zen Petan [PDF].